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ASI Show Highlights

Luxe Dominoes recently made it's first trade show appearance at ASI Orlando 2017, and what a show it was! A great opportunity to meet many of the amazing people in the promotional products industry. Having our products on display for all distributors and being able to tell our story was exhilarating to say the least. The reception by all that stopped by was humbling, insightful and very encouraging.

Check out some of the images of our booth and the activities. We hope to connect with all our new friends in the coming weeks. Here's to a great 2017 filled with possibilities!


ASI Member Luxe Dominoes


Welcome Sign ASI Show Orlando 2017

Entrance to ASI Show Orlando 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center.


Booth 843 ASI Show Orlando 2017

Booth 843


The booth before showtime...

 Getting ready! Before...


Luxe Dominoes booth at ASI Show

And after! Ready for action.


Close up of Luxe Dominoes Booth

Tigres, check. Catires, check. Racks, check check check and check!


Close up of racks set up in booth

A close-up of our domino racks. They looked awesome on this white acrylic table made by our friends at M2X Inc.


Side view of booth

Side view of booth.


Left side of the booth

Showcasing our sets and packaging.


Right side of booth

No matter which side you approached from our sets were visible.


Booth giveaway at ASI Show

We even gave distributors a chance to take home a set. What is your favorite color?


Bling domino set

What's a trade show without a little bling! These new reflective lids really make a statement. To find out more about the lid options feel free to contact us for details.


Luxe Dominoes doing business

This is what we call "doing business". It's a result of loving what you do because you do what you love.


ASI Passport raffle

Our amazing show rep Christine helped us give away a set to those that made their way around the show. Great additional exposure to those visiting the Corporate Gifts pavilion.


What's your hottest product?


Booth giveaway drawing with ASI rep

Tracy from ASI was our official drawing hand for our giveaway at our booth. Thanks Tracy!


Winner of a domino set from the ASI Show

Congratulations to Allan Nazario of ArtículosImpresos.com that got to take home one of our sets!


And a big thanks to all that made this show possible for us in such a short time. 

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  • Jules Reynolds on

    I wish I had known about this! I organize Domino tourneys online using Facebook to connect with players and www.challonge.com to keep track of the tourney results. I do prizes at least four times a year to the players by introducing them to new vendors and products. I’ve been doing these tourneys for 4 years and although there are players in most states, 98% of my players hail from Texas. We are now doing live domino tourneys in a few states with the hopes to expand to other states this year. I would love to add your product to the lineup of my other vendors. I currently use a vendor in California for dominoes, a vendor in Florida and New York for domino tables. I love what I see with yours and I wish I could have felt those dominoes in my hands. They look beautiful!

    Jules Reynolds

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