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About us

Luxe Dominoes is dedicated to modern domino set design. We love the domino so much we just had to let it show. The art and science of dominoes goes back hundreds of years, yet its packaging has been stagnant for the past few decades. I'm sure this looks familiar...


Old School Crappy Wooden Domino Set Box


It's time to #ShowTheNoes.


New Modern Domino Set Image


Each Luxe Domino box is hand made by craftsmen here in Miami with recyclable material. "El Tigre" is our take on the traditional sliding top domino box and "El Catire" comes with 4 racks integrated into the box.

These sets are meant to be displayed and played! Since we don't just want these beautiful domino sets to sit on your coffee table, all sets come with jumbo tournament size pieces that feel great when you play. They also have those brass spinners that add to the fun.

For care instructions visit our Caring for your Domino Set page and stay up to date with the latest on our company, trends and tips for playing dominoes on our Dominoes Blog or our Instagram.