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All About Our Domino Pieces

Measurements of our Jumbo Domino Tiles:

Height: 2  3/16 inches or 5.6 cm

Width: 1  1/16 inches or 2.7 cm

Thickness: 7/16 inches or 1.1 cm


True domino aficionados enjoy playing with dominoes that feel great in their hands, are well balanced for stability and go easy on the eyes for endless hours of play. If you are anything like us, they also have to spin! OK, that last one isn't necessary but it is desired by many.

Jumbo size domino measurements

Our double six sets come with 28 two-tone domino tiles with black on the back and white on the front. The Pips or Dots are set in black. Lastly, the spinner is made of brass.

Dominoes come in various sizes, from professional to jumbo. The ones in all our domino sets are jumbo sized, also known as tournament size dominoes as they are the size used in federated international domino play.


Note: Ivory or White Tiles are available upon special request at no additional charge for friends and you are all friends!